Wudang TaiHe Quan

太和拳TaiHe Quan

Great harmony form

1、无极势(预备式)WuJi (the stillness before movement)

 2、气清上升为天,气浊下沉为地Clear Qi rises to form heaven, muddy Qi sinks to form earth

 3、怀抱太极Hold TaiJi

 4、旋转乾坤Turning heaven and earth

 5、分两仪Yin and Yang separate

 6、阴阳手Yin Yang hands

 7、天人合一Humans and heaven become one

 8、雷火炼殿Lightening fire tempers the golden palace

 9、左开玄门Open the mysterious gate to the left

 10, 右开玄门Open the mysterious gate to the right

 11、一柱擎天A single pillar holds the heavens

 12、狮子峰Lion peak

 13、狮子滚绣球Lion rolls the silk ball

 14、黑虎巡山Black tiger patrols the mountain

 15、银蛇盘柳Silver snake coils around the willow tree

 16. 天鹅展翅The swan spreads it’s wings

 17、打金钟Ring the golden bell

 18、五龙捧圣Five dragons hold up the immortal

 19、海马吐雾The sea horse emits fog from it’s mouth

 20、金龟摆头The golden turtle swings it’s head

 21、天柱峰Heaven pillar peak

 22、八卦转运殿Bagua walk around the Good Luck Palace

 23,合太极Gather TaiJi