Learn Wudang Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qigong with Master Bing

on Wudang Mountain China or in the United States.


Wudang Dao School

I invite you to explore our site and learn more about Wudang Kung Fu (Gongfu), Wudang Tai Chi (Taiji), Daoist culture and to discover more about what life on Wudangshan is like.
There are two ways to study Wudang Kung Fu / Tai Chi with me:


The Master

Zhong Xuechao (Master Bing), is a 15th generation Wudang Sanfeng Kungfu master. Master Bing started his Kungfu practice when he was 6 years old, and has been training in Wudang Mountain since 1992 under the Sanfeng Kungfu Grandmaster Zhong Yunlong.

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