1) He Xian-gu (with lotus flowers)
2) Li Tie-guai (with pilgrim’s gourd and iron crutch)
3) Cao Gou-Jiu (with castanets)
4) L¨¹ Dong-bin (with fly-wisk and sword)
5) Han Xiang-zi (with a flute)
6) Zhuang-li Quan (with fan and peach of immortality)
7) Lan Cai-he (with basket of flowers)
8) Zhang Guo-lao (with drum)

When done quickly, this form hides the movement of the body with the sword. Baxian Jian is known for its simplicity, its combined force of both hardness & softness and for the imitative stances of Eight Immortals.

1 yu bei shi (preparatory stance)

2 xu bu chuan zhi (thrust the finger in empty step)

3 ti jiao tan shou (kick with toes leading and flash the tiger)

4 bing bu liang zhi (bring feet together and flash the finger)

5 ding bu ce zhi (thrust the finger sideways in T-step)

6 cha bu hu jian (guard the sword in crossed legs)