Longhua Quan (Wudang Dragon Form) includes 28 movements. WudangMountain is comprised of both Northern & Southern Kungfu traditions. The Southern tradition is focused on hand to hand combat, while the Northern tradition is most famous for their leg work. Longhua Quan is from Northern Wudang & is mainly known for its intricate leg movements. When practicing this form we can see the dragon's characteristics as well as its courage. watch Long Hua Quan Video here

Long Hua Quan 1

Long Hua Quan
Long Hua Quan
Long Hua Quan
Long Hua Quan
Long Hua Quan
  1. Qing long chu shui liang zhua shi: The auspicious dragon comes out of the water and shows its paws1、青龙出水亮爪式
  2. Zhuan shen tan zhua qin na shi: Turn around the body with the gesture of capture2、转身探爪擒拿式

  3. Tui shou shan shen chuan hou zhang: Pull hands and dodge the body and pounce on sideways3、推手闪身贯耳捶

  4. Qin shou pi mian po xi tong lei tui: Raise up the hand and chop along the direction of the other part’s face, kick with the straight leg to the ribs4、擒手劈面破膝通肋腿

  5. Tui shou shan shen chuan hou zhang: Pull the hand, dodge the body thrust the other party’s throat5、推手闪身穿喉掌

  6. Shuang zhua long zhua cui lei zhang: Grasp the ribs of the other party with two paws which are like those of dragon6、双爪龙抓摧肋掌

  7. Huang long yao shen bai wei: the yellow dragon roll its body and swing its tail  7、黄龙摇身摆尾拳

  8. Ya shou feng mian tong du fan lei jiao: Kick with two hands in a lower position, seal the face, kick to the position of the other party’s stomach8、压手封面通肚反肋脚

  9. Cai shou lian huan duo zi: Grasp the other party’s hand and kick with continuous feet9、采手连环跺子

  10. Yao qin ji zhua chong mian tong lei tui: Roll, capture, blow, grasp and kick to the other party’s ribs face to face10、摇擒击爪冲面通肋腿

  11. Bai lian shou shan shen shi: Swing the lotus’ head and with the gesture of dodging11、摆莲首闪身式

  12. Ya shou dian quan che lun fan shen tan zhua: Dot the fist with the hands in a lower position then explore the paws with the body turning around like wheels12、压手点拳车轮反身探爪

  13. Shan shen guan er chui: Dodge and pounce sideways 13、闪身贯耳捶

  14. Feng mian po xi lian huan hou tong tui: Seal the face, kick to the ribs backwards with the straight leg14、封面破膝连环后通腿

  15. Bai lian tong du zhong feng shi: Kick the opposite’s abdomen with the zhong feng gesture just like swing the lotus15、摆莲通肚中风势

  16. Fan shen ti shuai dao shi: Return and jump with the falling gesture16、返身提摔倒式

  17. Qian hou lian huan chong lei quan: Beat the opposite’s ribs continually with the fist17、前后连环冲肋拳

  18. Pi mian shan shen han xiong chong lei quan: Beat the opposite’s face while dodging the body, beating the ribs with chest in18、劈面闪身含胸冲肋拳

  19. Feng shou wo du tong lei quan:  seal the hands and heel kick forward19、封手窝肚通肋腿

  20. Qing long fan shen liang zhua shi: The auspicious dragon turns its body back and shows its claws 20、青龙返身亮爪式

  21. Qin shou beng chui tong lei lian huan sao lei tui: Capture the opposite’s hands and upper chop the other party’s ribs, then kick to the ribs continually21、擒手崩捶通肋连环扫肋脚

  22. Long xing yao shou lian huan tao zhang; Walk like dragon swing the hands and beat continually with the palm22、龙行摇手连环套掌

  23. Zuo you shan bu chong lei quan: Beat to the opponent’s ribs with the fists dodging the body to the right and left sides23、左右闪步冲肋拳

  24. Mo yun dian lei quan: Touch the cloud and dot the opponent’s ribs24、摸云点肋拳

  25. Qiao bu lian huan zhang cheng bu: 25、跷步连环掌蹭步

  26. Wo du tong lei fan shen bai lian jiao: Heel kick forward and turn around the body and then kick like swing the lotus26、窝肚通肋返身摆莲脚

  27. Jin long yao shen qian shui shi: The golden dragon swings the body with the diving gesture27、金龙摇身潜水式 

  28. Shou shi: Contract   28、收势