Qian Kung Taiji Fan is a newer form brought to Wudang by Master Zhong Xue Chao. This form comes from Kong Tong Mountain in Gan Su Provience. Though the fan is traditionally used for dancing & performing, QianKung Taiji Fan is a Kungfu fighting form, still beautiful yet feirce. Movements include cutting, thrusting, fanning & hitting. Section 1:

•  Qi shi: Beginning

•  pay respect to the good, clear the evil

•  rest on the ivory bed

•  the wind sweeps residue of cloud.

•  .turn around to pluck the fruit

•  ride the horse and watch flowers

Section 2

•  gremlin twines foot

•  single goose leaves the flock

•  spirit dragon extend it's claw

•  cut across eyes

•  rotate yin and yang

•  white ape offers fruit

•  black dragon waves it's tail

•  14.turn over the river and ocean

Section 3

•  Embrace the moon under the arms

•  come out up and down

•  The monstrous python comes out of it's cave

•  slice robe and break off friendships

•  remove flower and replace with new

•  break heart with palm

•  strike the drum in reverse

•  .slanting body reflect shadow

Section 4

•  Wu long jiao zhu: Dark dragon coils a pillar

•  Ba cao xun she: Pluck grass to search for the snake

•  clever dragon peeks its head

•  gold cicada down the tree

•  spread the wings and fly at a slant

•  Sweep the leaves in the autumn wind

Section 5

•  phoenix nods head

•  .dexterous hands

•  . black bird grazes sand

•  in flies the phoenix

•  . Remove the clouds and steal fog

•  cut off the rope

  • wind whirls around tree Section 6
  • . The swan stands erect above the chickens
  • round the mountain to reveal another mountain
  • the water flows downstream
  • fly through the air to ferry the river
  • black dog swift through legs

Section 7

  • .flying dragon move towards phoenix
  •  .cross
  • Taishan Mountain press
  • .break heart with palm
  • .the wind sways water lily
  • .silk thread violently sways