Taiyi Wuxing Quan (Taiyi Five Element Form) includes 25 groups & 81 movements. This is an important school of wudang internal work. The main contents of Taiyi School are somewhat similar to that of Wudang Taiji. Taiyi Wuxing Quan was founded by master Shouxing, who is of Longmen School of Wudang Taoism in Ming Dynasty. The principles of this Taiyi Wuxing Quan are based on Yin Yang & the Five Elements. This form is highly influenced by the Five-Animal Form of Hua Tuo, a famous doctor from the Han Dynasty. Taiyi Wuxing Quan also heavily relies on regulated breathing, striking and defense.

When practicing this form, the internal practice becomes more important than pysical strength. The body has cirular motion & moves slowly, smoothly & naturally. This form is filled with charm & magic.

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Wudang TaiYi WuXing Quan1
Wudang TaiYi WuXing Quan2


WuDang TaiYi WuXing Quan

  1. Origin of chi; Reverse Heaven and Earth (opening)
  2. White Ape Comes out of its Cave; Two Peaks Bow to the Sun
  3. Rein in at the Top; Lift the Cloud Under the Sea
  4. Dragon in Confusion; the Thunder Chops the Mountain
  5. Rhinoceros Looks at the Moon; Turn Around to support Heaven
  6. Dark Lion Embraces the Ball; Springs from Nian Ting
  7. Leopard Raises its head; Surprising the whole World
  8. Roc Spreads its Wings; All the Beasts are Panic Stricken
  9. Spotted Deer Picks the Herbal Medicine and Lowers its Head To Drink in the Stream
  10. Yellow Serpent at the water’s Mouth Provokes the Great Beasts
  11. Capers Rolls About; Waves Rushes to the Heaven
  12. Hawk Searches for the Mountain and Catches the Chickens 
  13. Eagle Flying in the Air and Dancing
  14. Alchemy Overturns the Fire; Golden Monkey Steals the Fruit
  15. Whale and Crocodile Reach the Moon; The Sea is Calm
  16. Black Bear Turns its Palm and Surprises the Whole Forest
  17. Slip out of a Predicament like a Cicada Sleuthing its Skin; Drunkard Lays in the Pond
  18. Magpie Perches on the Branch and Stands on the Moss
  19. Dragon Returns to the Sea; Keep Calm in the Inner World
  20. Wild Horse Shakes its Main and its Fear Character Increases
  21. Mysterious Monkey Returns to the Cave and Keeps “Tranquil”
  22. Colorful Phoenix is in the Air and all the Birds Sing
  23. Crouching Tiger lies on the Sacrifice Platform On Guard
  24. Yuan Shou Ye, who was incorrupt, Created it
  25. Combine the Stationary and Motion; Reverse the Heaven and Earth (closing)