Shan Feng Taiji 13 Shi (Shan Feng Taiji 13 Movements) includes 13 groups of movement and 60 postures in all.  This form is the mother of all Taiji forms & was created by Taoist Master Zhang Sanfeng. This mother form contains 5 steps & 8 basic movements.

Wudang Taiji Quan uses softness to overcome the hard & stillness to combat movement. This form is good for body strengthening & self-defense. By practicing it, people can convert strength into inner energy & then into spirit. This practice combines Kungfu with inner alchemy which helps to achieve longevity, clarity & physical strength.

This practice can be broken down into 3 catagories: jing (essence), qi & shen (spirit)practices. Regulating breathing is an important skill for this practice. The main movements are pushing, pressing, jostling, picking, elbow and so on. When practiced, it flows very smoothly & naturally. Wudang Taiji incorporates movement with stillness. With this practice the internal & external movement work together to help create an overall well-being in addition to improving physical health.

1 beginning (qi shi ) 2 embracing a ball (bao qiu shi)

3 single pushing (dan tui shi)

4 exploring (tan shi)

5holding (tuo shi)

6 pouncing (pu shi)

7 loading (dan shi)

8 seperating (fen shi)

9 waving (yun shi)

10 dissolving (hua shi )

11 pushing on both sides (shuang tui shi)

12 pushing down (xia shi)

13 finishing (shou shi)