Fu Chen (Horse Tail Whisk) includes 24 movements. Fu Chen is a soft weapon used by Taoists for travel. The movements of this form are made up of dusting, sweeping & picking. This weapon looks very soft & gentle but is extremely hard & strong.

instructional video

instructional video


The names of the acts: Starting position 1. Turning around the body

2. The yellow dragon covering the head

3. The old tortoise trying the way

4. Stepping in the position of the five elements

5. The black tiger beating a way

6. Sweeping thousands of soldiers

7. Turning over the rivers and the seas


8. Putting up the whip behind the horse

9. The monkey shrinking the body

10. Twisting the bamboo

11. Breaking Wu Mountain at the waist

12. Poking away the clouds to see the sun

13. Looking around on both sides


14. The Monkey offering the fruits

15. Touching the sea

16. The dragon waving the tail

17. The horse kicking the leg

18. The falling star chasing the moon

19. Subduing the dragon and the tiger

20. Turning back to see the moon


21. Attacking directly at the yellow dragon

22. Whipping the horse to run faster

23. Balancing Yin and Yang

24. Sitting on the mountain

Closing position