Xingyi Quan (Body & Will Form) includes 22 movements. The creator of this form was Master Gou Yung Cheng. He developed Xingyi Quan while handcuffed & shackled in jail, over one hundred & fifty years ago. Because both his hands & feet were restrained, the movents in this form are all limited, large & streatched movments are not found in here for this reason.

Xingyi Quan is composed of five different basic punches refered to as Pi, Bong, Zhuan, Pao & Heng. In addition to the five punches, other movements practiced are cuts, straight blows, swings, thrusts & so on. The movements are simple, concise & effective.

Wu Xing Lian Huan Quan

Manure of Five-Element Chain Boxing

1 beginning stance

2 drill fist

3 chop palm

4 inch punch fist

5 the black dragon comes out of water

6 black tiger comes out of lair

7 white crane spreads its wing

8 canon fist

9 chain chop palm

10 bao guo shi

11 drill fist

12 leopard cat climbs onto the tree

13 chain inch fist

14 leopard cat climbs onto the tree backward

15 inch punch fist

16 sparrow hawk flies into woods

17 yellow dragon reaches out its claw

18 shuang jie shou

19 white snake shakes its body

20 white snake comes out of its nest

21 wild horse are galloping

22 sparrow hawk flies into woods

23 sparrow hawk flips over

24 sparrow hawk gets ready to fly]

25 inch punch fist

26 chop palm

27 finishing stance