Wudang San Feng Taiji Jian (Wudang San Feng Taiji Sword) includes 64 movements. This form was founded by Master Zhang San Feng who incorporated sword positions of many other Taoist sects creating Taiji Sword.

Taiji sword incoporates Wudang Kungfu with internal practice & regulated breathing techniques. When practicing this form the practitioner should be relaxed with a straight torso, relaxed shoulders & lowered the elbows.

The names of the acts:

part one

1. Stepping forward and covering the sword

Wudang Tai Chi Sword2
Wudang Tai Chi Sword5

2. The immortal directing the way
3. Three rings covering the moon
4. Moving in the position of the big star
5. The swallow touching the water
6. Waving the sword on both sides
7. The boy lifting the stove
8. Yellow bees returning back home
9. The cat attacking at the rat
10. The dragonfly touching the water
11. The snake twisting the willow
12. The swallow returning back the nest
13. The big bird displaying the wings
14. Whirling rightward
15. Moving in the position of the small star
16. Whirling leftward
17. The fisherman fishing fish
18. Poking away the grass to look for the snake
19. Hugging the moon in the arms
20. The sleeping bird flying into the forest
21. The dragon waving the tail
22. The dragon jumping out of the water
23. The wind folding the leaves of lotus
24. The lion shaking the head
25. The tiger hugging the head
26. The wild horse jumping over the valley
27. Turning over to stop the horse
28. The gold needle pointing southward
29. Flipping the dirt against the wind
30. Pushing the boat with the current
31. The falling star chasing the moon
32. The sky-horse running in the sky
33. Stepping on the snow to look for the plum
34. Gold flowers falling down the earth
35. Picking up the curtain

Wudang Tai Chi Sword4

36. Waving the sword like a wheel on both sides
37. The swallow picking up the soil
38. The wild horse separating the mane
39. The birds flying in all directions
40. The swimming dragon playing with the water
41. Fishing the moon in the deep sea
42. Standing up to subdue the tiger
43. Poking the sea
44. The rhinoceros putting up the head to look the moon
45. Shooting the wild goose
46. The dragon putting out the paws
47. Painting Taiji
48. The phoenix displaying the wings
49. Flying obliquely
50. The swan displaying the wings
51. Striding over the rail on both sides
52. The immortal painting the picture
53. The monkey offering the fruit
54. The flowers falling on both sides
55. Fair lady working at the shuttle
56. The tiger waving the tail
57. The fish jumping over the dragon gate
58. The dragon twisting the post
59. Fair lady touching the flowers
60. The leaves falling with the current
61. The wind sweeping the plums
62. Breaking the gold stone
63. The clever girl sewing the clothes
64. The black clouds covering over the head