Wudang Dao School

Wudang Mountain (Wudangshan), home of Wudang Tai Chi Quan and Wudang Kung Fu, is the place where the legendary Taoist master Zhang SanFeng (张三丰) and countless Daoist masters trained and got Dao-realised throughout history.
I invite you to explore our site and learn more about Wudang Kung Fu (Gongfu), Wudang Tai Chi (Taiji), Daoist culture and to discover more about what life on Wudangshan is like.
There are two ways to study Wudang Kung Fu / Tai Chi with me: You can either come to Wudang Mountain and study with me here or study with me when I come to America for one of my USA teaching tours.

Study In China
Our school is located on a 500 years old temple grand, the temple name is "Meeting the Immortals Temple",  our school on Wudang Mountain offers traditional training in Wudang Internal Kung Fu (Gongfu), Qigong, and Tai Chi (Taiji). Training can be provided on a short or long term basis at both my school and at several of Wudangshan's Daoist temples. I can also provide tours of the Wudang area.
I will work on fix my new school in Wudang from in June and July 2017, I will accept students on September 1st, 2017.

Over 500 million people practice Tai Chi all over the world, but this is an opportunity to practice it at its origin.
Deep in the Mountains at my school, not only can you train Tai Chi and Kung Fu, you can also experience what life is like on this sacred mountain.

I offer short-term and long-term training in the following categories:
– Kung Fu Basic Exercises
– Wudang Kung Fu Forms
– Wudang Kung Fu Weapons
– Wudang SanFeng Tai Chi and Qigong
I also offer Chinese language, cooking, and calligraphy classes. Students of all levels are welcome, and with different durations of stay. I can design a training program that will fit your needs and duration of stay.