Wudang Dao School FAQ

Weather: Wudang Mountain is located North West of Hubei Province in Central area of China. Our school is located on a 500 years old temple grand in Wudang Mountains, the temple name is "Meeting the Immortals Temple", the best temperature is around May and October, around 25 °C (77°F). the hottest month in Summer is in July, August, highest temperature can reach 38°C (100°F) in the day, and 33°C (91°F) in the night. up on the mountain temperature is about 3 degrees lower.  Wudang Mountain has 4 seasons clearly, all season has some rain. a little more rain in Summer. in Winter, snow off and on, add the snowing days together about 30 days. humidity in Summer is a little higher than medium. Winter is dryer than Summer.

Washing Clothes : there is a stream in front of the school, students hand wash clothes, hang up them around the school and dry. the school will provide some soap or washing powder when student first arrive,
Daily necessities: the Wudang Town is 15 minutes (drive) away from the school, in the town has stores and supper market can get supply from. there will be someone from the school go to Wudang Town one or two times every week. 
Training Uniform: if you already have training uniform, you can bring them, you also can go to Wudang Town buy or costume made training uniforms. 

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