Wudang Bagua Zhang Seminar in Boston, MA, March 29 & 30, 2014

Boston Bagua

Wudang Bagua March 2014 Seminar

PaulandRosalie DiCrescenzo:

Very excited to announce our upcoming BaGua Zhang seminar with Master Bing this March, 2014! Held in our usual weekend location in the 3rd floor main studio of the Melrose Family YMCA in Melrose, MA. While a follow up to our BaGua seminar last November, this great workshop is open to new attendees as well as to those who joined us last fall. We will be working on circle walking and reviewing the first 4 palms of the form as well as learning the last 4 palms of the form. Special discount and free DVD with early registration, contact us for details, www.twodragonspath.com.

Wudang BaGua Zhang Seminar with Master Zhong Xue Chao (Master Bing)

Wudang BaGua Zhang Seminar with Master Zhong Xue Chao (Master Bing)

Wudang 13 Movement Form Seminar in Boston, MA, April 5 & 6, 2014

Wudang taichi13


PaulandRosalie DiCrescenzo:

Announcing our second weekend seminar this spring with Master Bing. We've only held one Wudang 13 seminar before, very happy to be offering another one this year. To Rosalie and me, the Wudang 13 is really a magical form, and we think everyone who practices the Wudang arts or any other style of Taiji or Kungfu would get tremendous benefit from leaning and practicing it. Again, special discount and free DVD with early registration, contact us for details, www.twodragonspath.com.


Five Animal Qigong Seminar at Belfast, Maine,March 22-23,2014

   The Whole Health Center Presents

Wudang Five Animals Qi Gong

    With 15th Generation

Wudang Sanfeng Kungu


Zhong Xuechao


Saturday and Sunday, March 22-23

   Saturday 11:00-4:30            Sunday 10:00-4:30

    at the Belfast Dance Studio, Belfast, Maine

The Five Animal Frolics is a widely enjoyed sequence of qi gong exercises that has evolved a variety of forms.  This workshop presents the classic Wudang Mountain form of Five Animals Qi Gong, which is one of the most important exercises practiced by all Wudang Mountain Taoists.  Wudang Mountain is one of the great cradles of internal exercise in China; and the ancient Wudang monks developed this group of internal practices which combines physical fitness, internal development and martial arts into one.  Historically, Wudang Taoists were required to make daily practice of the five major animal forms – Turtle, Snake, Dragon, Tiger, and Crane. 


The five forms correlate to the five elements of Chinese medicine and are meant to strengthen all the organs and associated systems of the body.  These are simple and enjoyable qi gong forms, but a bit more complex than single repetitive movements.  More like simple tai chi or bagua sequences.  The whole system will be taught over the course of the weekend and a DVD of Master Bing doing the form (free with early sign-up) will be available. 


Zhong Xuechao, familiarly known as Master Bing, began training at the age of six under his uncle, the Sanfeng Kungfu Grand Master Zhong Yunlong, at Wudang Mountain.  He is widely trained in tai chi, bagua, xingyi, xuanwu, and many other schools; and in the whole Wudang Taoist regime.  He has won first prize in national kungfu competitions, and has led the Wudang Taoist Association Wudang Wushu Exhibition Troupe.  Given the mission to share Wudang Mountain’s Taoist philosophy and martial arts in America, he has been teaching part of the year in America since 2007 and speaks English well.  He resides at Wudang Mountain where he teaches at Five Dragons Temple, Wudang’s oldest temple.

Cost:  $235; $185 if registered by March 10. Free DVD comes with early registration.

Sorry, refunds not possible. 


 Please call or email to register as soon as possible: 207-288-4128;                                             info@thewholehealthcenter.org

Master Zhong, Xue Chao (Master Bing) comes to Boston October 31, 2012



Master Zhong, Xue Chao (Master Bing) comes to Boston October 31, 2012!  He will be teaching seminars, classes, and private lessons through November 16, 2012. See Events for information.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of Wudang Mountain’s most accomplished martial arts monks!


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