WudangDao Kungfu Tai Chi School Q&A

- is there internet connection at school?
yes, there is internet WIFI connection at school

- training uniform is required to buy and wear; it’s ok. what about shoes for training? 
you can bring your own uniform for training if you like, there are many Tailor Stores in Wudang Town near school. you can custom made training uniforms. training shoes also available in the Town, but sometimes hard to find big size shoes like larger than size 44 in Wudang Town. 

- how to arrive the school in Wudang Mountain
Wudang Mountain is located center area of China, There are many different way to take to get to Wudang Mountain. Most come through major international cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Wuhan. Of these, Beijing and Shanghai are the easiest to navigate and is English friendly. From these cities you can take a train or even a connecting flight to the domestic airport in nearby Shiyan City. Shiyan airport is also named Wudang airport, it about 35 minutes drive from Wudang to Shiyan airport. 
The train is about 20 hours from Beijing or Shanghai to Wudang transtation (or Shiyan transtation),  you will want to reserve a hard or soft sleeper ticket.  email Master Bing about you travel plans, so he can arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport or transition near Wudang, if you wish it be arranged. Once you arrive in China you can call Master Bing's phone number 15971875811 if needed. 

-how far is the school to the supply, how students get supply
from Wudang Town to the school is 15 to 20 minutes drive, Master Bing will drive his car from the school to the Wudang Two every 2 to 4 days. students can have rid to the Town. or Master Bing can call a taxi to pick you up at the school. an other way to get to the Town is walk, student walk around 40 minutes from school to the main road, then take bus to the town, there is bus stops along the main road. bus come every 15 to 30 minutes. depends on the time of the day.

-how is the living conditioning, like room, shower, etc 
so far the school has 7 rooms, all rooms no air conditional yet, it will be hot in Summer, from June to end of August. rooms has bed, blanket and sheet set, pillow.  students will use public lavatory. public shower.

- Visa Information
All persons intending to enter The People's Republic of China from outside countries must first have a passport and Chinese visa (most likely a tourist visa). 
We can help you with obtaining your Chinese tourist visa by providing you with an invitation letter to hand in with your tourist visa application. please communicated to Master Bing via email. 
Tourist visas can be extended here in town for up to one year.