Berkeley CA 2018 Wudang Forms review, TaiHe Dao

Master Bing March 2018 Workshop.jpg

Master Bing Tour Seminars in SF Bay Area 2018
March 2- 5


Soja Mind Body is excited have 3rd annual training with Master Xue-Chao Zhong (Master Bing). Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study with a true Wudang Master. The Seminar will include:

1. Friday, March 2, 6–8pm: Taiyi Five Element Form Review

2. Sat, March 3, 9 am – Noon: 8 Immortal Staff Part I, Beginner (& Review) 

3. Saturday, March 3, 2–5pm: Eight Immortal Staff (Intermediate)

4. Sunday, March 4, 9am–Noon: Tai He Dao (Taichi broadswords, Part I)

5. Sunday, March 4, 2–5pm: Tai He Dao (Taichi broadswords, Part II)

6. Monday, March 5, 9am–11am: Five Animal Qigong – snake

7. Monday, March 5, 12:30pm –2:30pm: Five Animal Qigong – tiger

*All schedules are subject to changes. Please see updates on the “Adult Workshops Tab” of Soja’s online schedule.  

Workshop Details:

Taiyi Wuxing Quan (Taiyi Five Element Form) 太乙五行拳

 Taiyi Wunxing Quan includes 25 forms that include variations of 81 movement technique. This lineage develops a person’s internal energy. Taiyi Wuxing Quan was founded by master Shouxing, who is of Longmen School of Wudang Taoism in Ming Dynasty (1300s – 1600s). The principles of this Taiyi Wuxing Quan are based on the concepts of Yin Yang and the Five Elements. This form is highly influenced by the Five-Animal Form created by  Hua Tuo, a famous doctor from the Han Dynasty. This Taiyi Wuxing Quan form focuses on regulating the breath, striking and defense. The internal energy development aspect is given a much higher priority than the physical strength component. The movements are circular, slow and smooth.

Eight Immortal Staff  武当八仙棍

 This staff long form derives its postures and movements from the Chinese eight immortals. The Chinese 8 Immortals are: Xian-Gu He, Tie-Guai Li, Gou-Jiu Cao, Dong-Bin Lu, Xiang-zi Han, Li-Quan Zhong, Cail-he Lan, and Guo-lao Zhang. This form blends characteristics of hard and soft fighting styles with drunken and flowing energy that presents opponents with unpredictable changes in the movements that unify the student’s body with their staff.

to purchase staff for practice, pick the Wax Wood Staff,, the staff height should be between same height as the person or one fist taller than the person's height. 

Five Animal Qiqong武当五形养身功

This series is made up of five long forms: turtle, snake, dragon, tiger, and crane, derived from Chinese traditional culture. This series utilizes the five elements to harmonize the human body’s natural functions and strengthen the practioners’ circulation of blood and breath, bring clarity to their mind and sight, and improve their overall intellectual capabilities. During this particular visit Master Bing will focus on two of the five animals, the Snake and the Tiger.

Tai He Dao (Taihe broadswords)(太和刀)

Taihe Dao is a shorter and relaxing form,
Go to YouTube to have glance of the movement.

Broadsword will be available at the Taihe Dao workshop,

Cost  per 3 hour session: $75. Cost per 2 hour session: $50. Students who have previously studied these movements directly under Master Bing can receive a 15% discount for review by contacting the Soja office prior to registering. Soja monthly or annual members receive an additional 10% discount.