TaiHe Quan Seminar in Belfast, Maine Nov 1 & 2, 2014

with Master Zhong Xuechao

Fifteenth generation Wudang Sanfeng Kungfu master, Zhong Xuechao (familiarly known
as Master Bing) returns this fall from Wudang Mountain to offer a simple, short, and satisfying martial art form taught on Wudang, and very rarely taught outside of China.  

Saturday and Sunday, November 1 and 2, 11:00-4:30
        at the Belfast Dance Studio, Belfast, Maine

Tai He (Great Harmony) is another name for Wudang, and is one of the older sets of Wudang boxing.  The Tai He Quan form consists of twenty-two postures, and features slow and fast movement, dynamic fajin, and powerful sweeping hand techniques

Tai He Quan is gently taught by Master Bing and easily learnable by students with a tai chi or martial arts background or physical aptitude; or with a more than casual interest in applying themselves.  It is not an “entry level” practice, but it is pleasurable to study and can be learned in a weekend if you are able to put in focused attention and practice.  

(At the end of each day time will be devoted to a review of the Five Animal Qi Gong forms studied last spring.)

For registration – or if you have questions about this training and whether or not it is appropriate for you – please call Paul Weiss at 207-288-4128, or email info@thewholehealthcenter.org.

Cost:  $235; $195 if registered by October 17. Free instructional DVD comes with early registration (and is otherwise purchasable).  Sorry, refunds not possible.

Presented by The Whole Health Center, Bar Harbor, Maine; thewholehealthcenter.org

Wudang TaiHe Quan Seminar