Wudang Xuan Wu Quan Seminar at Lomita CA 2007

Master Zhong Zue Chao or aka Master Bing


Xuan Wu Quan

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Wudang Kung Fu - Video - Xuan Wu Quan written - 53 movements Saturday 18th - 10 - 4pm

1 1/2 lunch between both days

Sunday 19th - 10 - 4pm

Donation or fee $175

Call for reservations

Learn the traditional Wudang Kung Fu Arts from Wudang Mountain

Master Bing

15th Generation Sanfeng Kung Fu

Dates: August 18th & 19th, 2007

Time: 10 - 4pm - 1 1/2 Lunch Break Place: Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School in Lomita Fee: Donation or fee $175

Contact: Shifu Manuel Marquez at (310) 539-1374 or by e-mail at info@shaolinlomita.com

Master Zhong Zue Chao is 15th generation and a senior disciple of Grandmaster Zhong Yun Long who is a disciple of the legendary Grandmaster Guo Gaoyi who was the Taoist Priest of his temple. He has appeared in numberous demo's around the world teaching Wudang and lives now in Southern California. He will be doing seminars in the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu school for many years to come.