If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch using the form below and we'll reply as soon as possible! Our School Address is:

WudangDao KungFu Institute, Five Dragon Temple, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. Address in Chinese: 中国湖北省十堰市,武当山五龙宫,五龙功夫院 Zip code: 442700


0086-15971875811 (Master Bing)




Getting Here

Unless you are reasonably fluent in Mandarin then China is not one of the easiest countries to travel in. But rest assured that we are here to help you make the journey to Wudang as easy as possible! 1. Getting a Visa: You may come with a tourist visa or a student visa. Contact the Chinese Embassy in your country for the most up to date application information. Let us know if you need further info or help in the process. Extending Visa in Wudang: Visa could be extended for a maximum of three times while staying in Wudang. After that a exit-reentry of the country is required to further the stay. We offer assistance to the process 2. Coming into China: You can come by flight to major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong.


3. Once arrive in China, you can then travel to Wudang by flight or train: Flight: Beijing(北京)/Shanghai(上海)/Guangzhou(广州)/Hong Kong (香港) to Xiangyang(襄阳),take a taxi or bus from Xiangyang(襄阳)airport to Wudangshan will take around 2 hours. 4. Take a Train: Beijing(北京)/Shanghai(上海)/Guangzhou(广州)direct to Wudangshan(武当山),

The following are some directions and Chinese phrases to print out to help with your ticket purchase:

Take a taxi to the Beijing West train station.

  “Please take me to the Beijing West train station” – 。 (beijing xi zhan)

Purchase a ticket for the train, K279, to wudang shan.

  “I would like to buy a ticket for the K279 train to wudang shan .” – (wo mai yi zhang qu wudang shan de huoche piao)。

Choose either a soft sleeper or hard sleeper ticket.

  “Soft sleeper” – (ruan wo), 4 beds in one section, more private.

  “Hard sleeper” – (ying wo), 6 beds in one section,.

5. Once you arrive WudangShan Train Station or WudangTown. (LaoYin), our school's car will come and pick you up, to our school in Five Dragon Temple.