Distance Learning

50 minutes per class, send a email to Master Bing(bing@wudangdao.com) to schedule the lesson
, Master Bing is in China, till March 15, 2017, Timezone is Beijing Time.

$100  take 2 classes to learn, Dragon Steps (Long Xin Bu)

$150  per form, each form take 3 classes to learn, those forms are: Ji Ben Quan, Tai He Quan, Ba Duan Jin. 

$200  per form, each form take 4 classes to learn, those forms are:  XuGong Quan(1- 2- 3),  Xuan Zheng Quan,  Fu Chen,  Fu Hu Quan,  Dragon Form,  XingYi Quan, Dragon Sword,    Xuan Gong Dao,Wudang Spring & Autumn Broadswrod, Tai He Staff, Ba Ji Quan. 

$250  per form, each form take 5 classes to learn, those forms are: QianKung Fan, ZiWu Spear, Xuan Wu Quan. Xuan Men Jian, Ba Xian Jian. Rake, Wudang Convenient Shovel

$300 per form, each form take 6 classes to learn, those forms are:  Tai Chi 13, Tai Chi 28, BaGua Zhang, Tai Chi Sword. Tai Yi WuXing Quan. 8 Immortal Staff

$400    Tai Chi 108 (8 classes)

Already know the form, To review the form with Mater Bing, private lessons through distance learning , the cost is $50 per class.