Tuition and Fees


For all 15 Day Course:
  Room with sheets, blankets and pillows
  3 Meals per Day
  1000RMB Deposit paid at least 1 month before Course
(deposit will go towards the total cost of tuition)

Minimum of 5 Students:
  If less than 5 Students join the Course, Deposit will be Returned and Course will be closed. 

if there only 3 to 5 students register the 15 Day Course, and they don't want to  the course be canceled, then cost for each students will be the same as "Student Selected Study Content" cost, at the bottom of this page. 

*New Students will have to pay additional school uniform fee.


Per Day Cost: (after the 15 Day Course or between 15 Day Courses)
  Includes Room and Meals between courses per day. 
  this cost means, when there is no courses going on in the school, students will only need pay room and meals per day.

*Group Training may or may not continue between 15 Day Courses

Extra Costs

New Students will be REQUIRED to purchase a school uniform for approximately 200RMB

Students should be prepared to cover costs associated with travel, trips from school to town, hotel rooms in town, and WuDang Mountain Gate ticket fees

Kids Summer Camp

Details Coming Soon

Student Selected Study Content

Email required to find out about training availability May - November 2018

Personalized Training cost is 8500 RMB for 30 days, 
7000 RMB for 20 days, 6000 RMB for 15 days, 4500 for 10 days,  3500RMB for 7 days.

Cost is includes training in desired content area, 3 meals a day, and room with sheets, blankets, pillows.