Master Bing 2019 United States Tour Itinerary

2019 U.S Tour

April 3rd, Wudang Tai Chi and Bagua Review class, Shifu Voss’s school

April 5 to 8, Wudang Tai Chi 28 Retreat,

April 12 to 14 Wudang Dan Jian/Elixer Sword Seminar in Melrose, MA - Two Dragons Path

April 27, World Tai Chi and Qigong event at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME - Maine Coast Taijiquan

April 28, Bagua Workshop in South Freeport, ME - Two Dragons Path

May 3, Taoist Meditation in Rockland, ME - Inner Works Healing Arts Center

May 4 & 5, Review workshops in Rockland, ME - Inner Works Healing Arts Center

May 8 to 12 and May 18 to 22, group, private classes in Orange County, (contact email
May 13 to 17, Wudang Quan in Academia Semillas, CA

May 24 to 27, Wudang Forms Review and Sword workshop, Berkeley, CA.

June 1, 2. Wudang seminar in Milwaukee, 

June 4 to June 14, workshops in Charleston, South Carolina.

June 18 to 25, Taiji & Qigong workshops in Arkansas. 

June 29th and 30th, TaiHe Staff 9:30am-4:30pm, Little Creek KungFu, Petersburg, VA.

July 1st, Master Bing go back to China.