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Master Zhong Yunlong, also known as Qinhui as his Taoist name, is the 14th disciple of Wudang Sanfeng sect of Mt. Wudang martial arts. Master Zhong has been learning Wudang Kung Fu ever since he was very young. He visited many Kung Fu masters such as WudangTaoist priest Guo Gaoyi and Zhu Chengde, Mt. Lao Taoist priest Kuang Changxiu ---who was famous for his leg work. After long time study with old Kung Fu masters in different Kung Fu areas Master Zhonh Yunlong masters the essentials of different styles of Wudang Kung Fu. Now, he is very famous for his perfect Kung Fu mastery in Mt. Wudang and China at large.

In the autumn of 1998 Zhong took over the position as general Kung Fu coach of Wudang Taoism Association (WTA) from his Master Guo Gaoyi.

In 1989, Zhong and Guo together founded the Wudang Taoism Kung Fu School with the approval of the WTA. It was the first time that Wudang Kung Fu was introduced to the outside world in due form. From the spring of 1996 to the winter of 2000, Zhong was elected as the standing committee member of WTA and the president of the Purple Heaven Palace .

During the past 20 years, Zhong has taken part in many large Kung Fu seminars, activities and contests at home and abroad, ready to face challenges of other Kung Fu masters of other sects. He visited many countries. He also worked as a Wudang Kung Fu practitioner representative to receive national leaders and international friends. Zhong is now devoting himself to cultivating Tao and promoting the concept of Te.


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